Tumwater Pit

Black Lake Resources - Tumwater is a major Washington producer of high quality crushed black basalt aggregates and screenings for all construction projects.
Historically, the quarry has been operating for over 40 years. Black Lake Resources - Tumwater will continue the current operations and the production of black rock for customers throughout the Puget Sound.

The quarry is also the largest current permitted aggregate source in Thurston County. We are managed by a team of gravel professionals who bring a wealth of in-depth experience to the construction industry.

Nisqually Pit

Black Lake Resources - Nisqually is a certified WSDOT source just minutes away from I-5 in eastern Thurston County. Nisqually has an exceptional supply of round, river rock and bank sand.

Littlerock Pit

Black Lake Resources - Littlerock is a certified WSDOT source located in central Thurston County.

The largest of our four pits, Littlerock has the capacity for high production needs. Abundant in smaller pea size rocks and sand, Littlerock will meet all landscaping & construction needs for washed products.

Grand Mound Pit

Black Lake Resources - Grand Mound is a certified WSDOT source located in south Thurston County. Grand Mound serves as a project based pit.*

*Please call for arrangements if you wish to utilize material from Grand Mound.
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High-Volume Production

Black Lake Resources' entire operation was designed and implemented from the ground up for high-volume production. In a continuous cycle, black rock is carefully drilled and blasted, then excavated by a John Deere 670G LC. The material is loaded into a high-capacity crusher where exceptional aggregates and a range of fine screenings are processed.
Construction Safety Concept - quarries, landfills in Tumwater, Washington


Protecting the safety and health of our employees and being responsible stewards of the environment are essential priorities for Black Lake Resources. Compliance with safety, health and environmental laws and regulations is the minimum standard of performance.
Execellent Customer Service - quarries, landfills in Tumwater, Washington

Excellent Customer Service

Sustaining a high performing workforce depends on many factors. The most important is respect for our customers and their satisfaction. We will strive to meet your needs and establish a positive relationship for making the best possible experience with Black Lake Resources.

Call us at 360-915-6121 or email estimates@blacklakeresources.com
for price inquiries.